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garden-deskWe make it easy to reach gardeners

Stadtwetter can offer you several options to help you reach the gardening audience whether you are selling products or services that directly relate to the gardening community or have other products or services that may appeal to people who also like to garden.

Choose how you reach your desired audience

Stadtwetter offers both direct advertising and sponsorship opportunities on our social media accounts that allows you to customize how you reach them. Whether it be through direct advertising on the main part of the site or through sponsorships of giveaways on our blog, Facebook page, Instagram account or Twitter account, our team can coordinate with you to craft a customized plan to help you best reach our audience.


Sponsoring a giveaway through Stadtwetter is a great way to get your product or service out in front of thousands of eager gardeners. Gardeners come to Stadtwetter’s blog and site to learn more about gardening, including about new and useful gardening products. Giveaways encourage these visitors to share your product with other like minded friends and family, furthering your reach among the gardening world. Plus, a portion of what you spend on a sponsorship will go to help fund Stadtwetter’s School and Community Garden Sponsorship Program.

Direct Advertising

Direct advertising is a more traditional way to reach out to our visitors. Through banner ads placed at strategic locations on the site, you can put your message in front of as many or as few people as your budget will allow for.

Contact us today to discuss how you can advertise with Stadtwetter

Contact Shelley Pierce today at [email protected] or 440.862.1890 to speak with her about advertising your company on Stadtwetter. (Please note that we do not answer gardening questions at this number.)

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