Information About Blueberries

Blueberries aren’t just good to eat, they’re fun to grow too. Get everything you need for growing blueberry plants in the articles that follow so you can enjoy your own tasty treats fresh from the garden. Here you will learn how to care for blueberries, how to harvest them, how to treat pests or disease, and much more. Read on to get started.

Growing Blueberry Bushes In The Home Garden

Many gardeners are wondering about growing blueberry bushes in their garden. Planting blueberry bushes in your garden is possible with a little preparation. Read this article to learn more.

Stem Canker On Blueberry Bushes – Tips On Treating Blueberry Stem Canker

If you see stem cankers on blueberry bushes, you may panic. There are currently no effective blueberry stem canker treatments available in commerce, but you can take steps to manage the problem. Click here for information about botryosphaeria stem canker.

Highbush Blueberry Plant Care: How To Grow Highbush Blueberry Plants

Blueberry plants come in two main types: highbush and lowbush. Highbush blueberries (Vaccinium corymbosum) grow in a wider geographic range than lowbush, and they are a common choice for home gardeners. Learn more about them in this article.

What Is A Lowbush Blueberry – How To Grow Lowbush Blueberries

Although lowbush blueberries are typically found growing in the wild or on farms in a few U.S. states and Canadian provinces, it is also possible to grow them in a home garden. That is, if you can provide the specialized growing conditions they need. Learn about them here.

Reasons For Blueberry Chlorosis – Tips On Blueberry Chlorosis Treatment

Chlorosis in blueberry plants occurs when a lack of iron prevents the leaves from producing chlorophyll. This nutritional deficiency is often the cause for yellow or discolored blueberry leaves. Click here to learn what you can do about chlorosis in blueberry plants.

Highbush Vs. Lowbush Blueberry Bushes – What Are Highbush And Lowbush Blueberries

If you decide to grow blueberries, the differences between lowbush and highbush blueberry varieties becomes important. What are highbush and lowbush blueberries? Click this article for information on highbush vs. lowbush blueberry crops.

Propagating Blueberries – How To Propagate Blueberry Bushes

As long as you have acidic soil, blueberry bushes are a real asset to the garden. Even if you don’t, you can grow them well in containers. Learn more about how to propagate blueberry bushes in this article so you can enjoy their tasty fruit.

Bilberry Plant Information: Learn About Bilberry Cultivation And Care

No, bilberry is not a character in Lord of the Rings. So what is a bilberry? It’s a native shrub that produces round blue berries that look like blueberries. However, wild bilberries have far more nutrients than cultivated blueberries. Learn more in this article.

Blueberry Plant Protection: How To Protect Blueberry Plants From Birds

If you grow blueberries in your yard, chances are you have had to battle the birds to get your share of the bounty. It’s time to take back your blueberry bushes by protecting the blueberry plants from the birds. The article that follows will help with that.

Blueberries Aren’t Ripening: What To Do When Blueberries Won’t Ripen

So you’ve planted some blueberries and are anxiously awaiting your first harvest, but the blueberry fruit will not ripen. Why are your blueberries not ripening? There are a number of reasons for blueberry fruit that will not ripen. Learn more in this article.

Blueberry Plant Companions – Learn What To Plant With Blueberries

Why leave your blueberry shrub alone in your garden? The best blueberry cover crops and appropriate companions for blueberries will help your shrubs stay thrive. Click this article for more information about what to plant with blueberries.

Common Types Of Blueberries: Best Varieties Of Blueberry For Gardens

Nutritious and delicious, blueberries are a super food you can grow yourself. Before planting your berries though, it’s helpful to learn about the different types of blueberry plants available and which are suited to your region. Learn more here.

Blueberry Bud Mite Damage – How To Control Blueberry Bud Mites

While it’s more than worth it to grow your own, cultivating blueberries is not without its share of pitfalls. Amongst the disasters that might befall your plants is blueberry bud mite. What are blueberry bud mites and how can you control them? Find out here.

What Are Pink Blueberries: Learn About Pink Blueberry Plants

If pink blueberry bushes seem to you like something out of a Dr. Seuss book, you aren’t alone. ‘Pink Lemonade’ might be the cultivar to change all that. Click this article for information on growing pink lemonade blueberries.

Can You Transplant Blueberries: Tips For Transplanting Blueberry Bushes

If you have a blueberry in your yard that isn’t thriving in its location or has become too large for the area, you might be wondering if you can transplant blueberries. Yes, you can easily transplant blueberries! This article will help get your started.

Blueberry Plants Not Producing – Getting Blueberries To Bloom And Fruit

Do you have blueberry plants that are not producing fruit? Maybe even a blueberry bush that isn’t even flowering? Fear not, the following information will help you sleuth out common reasons for this and what can be done to remedy the situation.

Container Grown Blueberry Plants – How To Grow Blueberries In Pots

Can I grow blueberries in a pot? Absolutely! In fact, in a lot of areas, growing blueberries in containers is preferable to growing them in the ground. Click this article to learn about how to grow blueberries in pots.

Blueberry Harvesting Season: Tips On Harvesting Blueberries

Blueberries are ranked number one in terms of their antioxidant benefits. Whether you grow your own or go to a U-Pick, the questions remain: when is blueberry harvesting season and how to harvest the blueberries? Find out in this article.

My Blueberries Are Sour: How To Sweeten Sour Blueberries

When you pop fresh-picked blueberries into your mouth expecting sweet, delicious fruit, then sour blueberry fruit is a great disappointment. Read this article to learn why blueberries are sour and what to do with sour blueberries.

Blueberry Winter Damage: Care Of Blueberries In Winter

Blueberry plant growth slows as dormancy develops and cold hardiness increases. In some instances, dormancy has not been established so protecting blueberries to mitigate any blueberry winter damage may become of primary importance. This article will help.

Witches’ Broom In Blueberry: Treating Blueberry Bushes With Witches’ Broom

Blueberries have always been on my top ten lists of favorite foods, and there is no end of good reasons to grow your own. So what happens when you see witches’ broom in the blueberry bush? Is that it for the blueberry pancakes? Find out here.

Blueberry Seed Planting: Tips For Growing Blueberry Seed

Most home growers purchase cuttings, but did you know that blueberry seed planting will result in a plant as well? It’s true, though it will take longer to produce. Read this article for tips on growing blueberry plants from seed.

Grainy Tasting Blueberries: What To Do When Blueberry Plants Are Grainy Inside

Occasionally, fruit from blueberry plants are grainy inside. This may be a cultural, environmental, varietal or disease related issue. Read this article to learn more and find out how to fix the problem.

What Are Blueberry Maggots: Learn About Maggots In Blueberries

Blueberry maggots are pests that often go undetected in the landscape until after blueberries are harvested. Learn more about blueberry maggot control in the following article.

Soil Prep For Blueberry Plant: Lower Soil pH For Blueberries

Many times, if a blueberry bush is not doing well in a home garden, it is the soil that is to blame. Learn more about the proper soil pH for blueberries in this article so your berries will be nice and healthy.

Fertilizing Blueberries – Learn About Blueberry Bush Fertilizer

Fertilizing blueberries is an excellent way to maintain the health of your blueberries. Find more information about fertilizer for blueberries and how best to fertilize them in this article.

Blueberry Plant Pruning: How To Prune Blueberries

Pruning blueberries is essential in order to maintain their size, shape, and productivity. Learn more about how to prune blueberry plants in this article. Your plants will be healthier and berries more fruitful.