Quince Leaves Turning Brown – Treating A Quince With Brown Leaves

Quince Leaves Turning Brown – Treating A Quince With Brown Leaves

By: Mary H. Dyer,
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Managing quince leaf blight can be accomplished in a couple ways using non-chemical (most preferred) and chemical control methods.

Non-Chemical Control for Quince Leaf Blight

Rake up leaves and other debris throughout the year. Dispose of the debris carefully to prevent spread of the disease. This is the best way to prevent re-infection next spring.

Prune the tree carefully during the winter months when the disease is no longer spreading. Be sure to remove all dead growth. Clean pruning tools with a 10 percent bleach solution to prevent spread to other plants.

Water quince trees at the base of the plant. Never use an overhead sprinkler, which will spread the disease spores.

Controlling Quince Leaf Blight with Chemicals

Fungicides applied in the spring may be helpful to prevent or reduce quince leaf spot, but many products are unsafe if you intend to eat the fruit. Read the label carefully, and limit certain products to ornamental plants.

If you are unsure about the safety of any product, check with your before apply the spray.

Most importantly, be patient and persistent. Eradicating quince leaf blight is difficult and may take a couple of years of careful attention.

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