Information About Tomatoes

Growing tomato plants are one of the most popular veggies grown in the garden, so it’s no wonder why caring for tomatoes is so important to their overall success. Our tomato plant info will help guide you through the entire process—from those first learning how to grow tomatoes to those simply looking for tips on caring for tomatoes once they’re up and growing. Tomato plants require special care to develop into healthy, flavorful fruits. So keep reading for tips on how to grow tomatoes your family will love.

Tips for Growing Tomatoes – How to Grow Tomatoes

Nothing much compares to the juicy taste of a red, ripe tomato straight out of the garden. These delectable fruits not only taste great but are quite easy to grow. Get tomato growing tips in the article that follows.

Tomato Seedling Problems – Learn About Diseases Of Tomato Seedlings

Many things can cause sick tomato seedlings but there are steps you can take to prevent problems. Some information on tomato seedling diseases may help avoid issues as they grow. Learn how to avoid these common diseases of tomato seedlings in this articles.

Causes Of Small Tomatoes – Why Does Tomato Fruit Stay Small

One problem that we receive many questions about pertains to tomato plants that produce abnormally small fruit. If you’ve noticed that your tomatoes are too small, click this article to learn some reasons why tomato fruit won’t grow to an appropriate proper size.

Mid-Season Tomato Info – Tips For Planting Main Crop Tomato Plants

Main crop tomato plants are also referred to as mid-season tomatoes. Regardless of their nomenclature, how do you go about growing mid-season tomatoes? Click this article to find out when to plant mid-season tomatoes and other mid-season tomato info.

Best Storage Tomatoes: How To Grow Long Keeper Tomatoes

What is a Long Keeper tomato? If you’re interested in growing Long Keeper tomatoes, click on the following article to find out how to grow Long Keeper tomatoes and about Long Keeper tomato care.

Keeping Squirrels Out Of Gardens: Tips On Protecting Tomatoes From Squirrels

Do squirrels eat tomatoes? They certainly do, and if you’ve ever lost tomatoes to a squirrel attack, you may be wondering how to protect tomato plants from squirrels. The information from this article will help with that. Click here to learn more.

Pruning Tomato Plants – Tips On Removing Tomato Plant Leaves

As you learn about pruning needs and preferences, you may develop some anxiety. This is especially true of pruning shrubs, which have all sorts of strict rules. Most annual and perennial plants are much more laid back, like tomatoes. Learn more about pruning them here.

Tomato Plant Protection: How To Protect Tomato Plants From Animals

While birds, hornworms and other insects are common pests of tomato plants, animals can also be a problem sometimes too. Our gardens can be full of almost ripened fruits and vegetables one day, then eaten down to bare stalks the next day. Learn how to protect them here.

Birds Are Eating My Tomatoes – Learn How To Protect Tomato Plants From Birds

You spot a heart-sinking sight, a cluster of tomatoes that look like something has taken a bite out of each one. After some of your own covert ops, you discover the culprit is birds. “Help! Birds are eating my tomatoes!” Learn how to protect tomato plants from birds here.

Black Stems On Tomatoes: Treating Tomato Stem Diseases In The Garden

One day your tomato plants are hale and hearty and the next day they're riddled with black spots on the stems. What causes black stems on tomatoes? If your tomato plant has black stems, don't panic. This article will help with fi the problem.

Stink Bugs On Tomatoes: Learn About Leaf-Footed Bug Damage To Tomatoes

Stink bugs and leaf-footed bugs are closely related insects that feed on tomato plants and fruit. The damage to the foliage and stems is negligible, but the insects can ruin young fruit. Find out how to get rid of leaf footed bugs and stink bugs in this article.

Hot Climate Tomatoes: How To Grow Tomatoes In Warm Climates

When temps are higher than 85 degrees F. (29 C.) during the day and the nights remain around 72 F. (22 C.), tomatoes will fail to set fruit, so growing tomatoes in hot climates has its challenges. Learn more in this article.

Tomato Companions: Learn About Plants That Grow With Tomatoes

To boost your yields, you might try companion planting next to tomatoes. If you are new to companion planting, the following article will give you some insight into plants that grow well with tomatoes. Click here to learn more.

Growing Tomatoes With Potatoes: Can You Plant Tomatoes With Potatoes

Because they are brethren so to speak, it seems logical that planting tomatoes and potatoes together would be a perfect marriage. Growing tomatoes with potatoes isn’t quite that simple. Click here to find out if you can plant tomatoes with potatoes.

Planting Tomato Slices: Learn How To Grow A Tomato From Sliced Fruit

Recently, I came across a tomato propagation method that blew my mind. Growing tomatoes from a tomato slice. Is it really possible to grow a tomato from sliced tomato fruit? Click this article to find out if you can start plants from tomato slices.

Tomato Plant Insect Pests: Tips For Treating Pests On Tomatoes

Even if tomato insect damage is nominal, the pests themselves often are vectors for disease. So, it is imperative that you recognize tomato insect damage and learn about treating pests on tomatoes. This article will help.

Tomato Mosaic Virus Symptoms: Managing Tomato Mosaic Virus

Tomato mosaic virus is one of the oldest described plant viruses. It is extremely easy to spread and can be devastating to crops. Click on the following article to learn more about tomato mosaic virus symptoms and tomato mosaic virus treatment.

Zippers On Tomatoes – Information About Tomato Fruit Zippering

Tomatoes have their share of problems. Amongst this plethora of ills is tomato plant zippering. If you’ve never heard of zippers on tomatoes, I bet you’ve seen them. So what causes zippering on tomatoes? This article has more information.

Target Spot On Tomato Fruit – Tips On Treating Target Spot On Tomatoes

Target spot on tomato fruit is difficult to control because the spores, which survive on plant refuse in the soil, are carried over from season to season. Learn how to treat target spot on tomatoes in this article and protect your plants from its hold.

Are Split Tomatoes Safe To Eat: Edibility Of Cracked Tomatoes On The Vine

One of the more frequent issues is cracked tomatoes on the vine. When presented with this problem, it’s common to wonder about eating tomatoes that are split open. Are split tomatoes safe to eat? Find out in this article.

Tomato Fruit Problems – Reasons For Weird Shaped Tomatoes

For those of us who grow our own veggies, we know that perfection isn’t always attainable nor is it necessarily desirable. A great example is weird shaped tomatoes. Learn what causes deformed tomato fruit in this article.

Can Fresh Tomatoes Be Frozen – How To Freeze Garden Tomatoes

If you have a surplus of bumper crops, like tomatoes, far too many to eat or give away, what do you do with the extra produce? You freeze it, of course. Use the information in this article to find out how to freeze garden tomatoes.

Bumpy Tomato Stems: Learn About White Growths On Tomato Plants

One fairly common problem of tomato plants are bumps on the tomato vines. These bumpy tomato stems may look sort of like tomato acne or white growths. So what does it mean if the tomato stem is covered with bumps? Click here to learn more.

Why Tomatoes Taste Sour Or Bitter – How To Fix Bitter Tasting Tomatoes

Luckily this has never happened to me, but I have met other people wondering why they have bitter tasting garden tomatoes. So why would tomatoes taste bitter, or even sour? Find out with the information found in this article.

Symptoms Of Tomato Big Bud Disease: Learn About Big Bud In Tomatoes

One of the growing pains involved in cultivating tomatoes is the tomato big bud virus. What are some of the symptoms of tomato big bud disease and how can we combat big bud in tomatoes? Find out in this article. Click here for more info.

Tomato Plant Toxicity – Can Tomatoes Poison You

Have you ever heard that tomatoes can poison you? Is there any truth to the rumors of tomato plant toxicity? Let’s explore the facts and decide if this is an urban myth or if toxicity of tomatoes is a valid concern. Click here for more info.

Why Red Tomatoes Are Green Inside

Some tomato problems we can combat and some are up to fate. One such oddity is when red tomatoes are green inside. Why are some tomatoes green inside? And if the tomatoes are green inside, are they bad? Read here to learn more.

What Is Bunchy Top Virus Of Tomato Plants

Bunchy Top Virus of tomatoes may sound like a funny disease, but it’s no laughing matter. Find out how to detect Bunchy Top and what you can do about it in this informative article. The health of your tomato plants may depend on it.

Hanging Support For Tomatoes – How To String Up Tomato Plants Overhead

Most of us use a tomato cage or single pole trellis to support the plant as it grows and fruits. However, there is another new method, a vertical trellis for tomato plants. Intrigued? The question is how to make a tomato trellis? Find out here.

What To Do For Tomatoes Affected By Nematodes

Your garden is your sanctuary, but it’s also the home to some pretty intimidating creatures. Root knot nematodes can be overwhelming to a tomato plant if you’re unprepared, so read this article to learn more.

Hollow Tomato Fruit: Learn About Types Of Stuffer Tomatoes

No other vegetable creates such a stir in the gardening community more than the tomato. Not a new kid on the block, the stuffer tomato plant is more than just another variety; it occupies a unique niche amongst the plethora of tomato types. Learn more about it here.

Starting Tomato Cuttings: Rooting Tomato Cuttings In Water Or Soil

Many of us have started new houseplants from cuttings and even shrubs or perennials for the garden, but did you know that many vegetables can be started in this manner too? Tomato propagation by cuttings is a perfect example and easy to do. This article will help.

Tomato Leaf Types: What Is A Potato Leaf Tomato

Most of us are familiar with the appearance of tomato leaves; they are multi-lobed, serrated or almost tooth like, right? But, what if you have a tomato plant that is lacking these lobes? Is something wrong with the plant? Click here to find out.

Are Blight Infected Tomatoes Edible?

Late blight of tomato plants kills off foliage and rots fruit at its most destructive. Is there any help for late blight of tomato plants, and can you eat tomatoes affected with blight? Read this article to find out more.

Little Leaf Of Tomato – Information About Tomato Little Leaf Syndrome

If your tomatoes have severely distorted top growth with the little ‘leaflets’ along the midrib, it is possible that it has Tomato Little Leaf Syndrome. What is tomato little leaf and what causes little leaf disease in tomatoes? Click here to find out.

Puffiness In Tomatoes: Why Tomatoes Are Hollow Inside

Tomatoes are popular in the vegetable garden, but for many gardeners they seem to come with lots of problems, too. Among them are hollow tomatoes. Read this article for more info.

Catfacing Fruit Deformity: Learn About Catfacing On Tomatoes

If you have noticed abnormal cavities and swelling in your prized tomatoes, it may be catfacing fruit deformity. What is catfacing on tomatoes and how can it be treated? Read this article to learn more.

Ring Culture Of Tomatoes – Learn About Tomato Ring Culture Growing

Love tomatoes but seem to have no end of trouble with pests and disease? Tomato ring culture growing may be the answer. Read the following article for more information on this unique growing method.

Spacing Tomato Plants: How To Space Tomato Plants

Not only is temperature an important growth factor, but the spacing for tomato plants can affect their performance as well. Read the following article to learn more about how to properly space tomato plants.

Tomato Leaves Turn White: How To Treat Tomato Plants With White Leaves

Tomatoes' susceptibility to temperature and light extremes renders them vulnerable to white tomato leaves. Explore this white leaf color on tomato plants and learn what, if anything, can be done about it in this article.

Tomato Temperature Tolerance: Best Growing Temp For Tomatoes

A suitable tomato plant can be found to grow in almost any climate and environment. Tomato temperature tolerance varies depending upon the cultivar, and there are many. Learn more in this article.

Tomato Ringspot Virus – What To Do For Tomato Ringspot On Plants

Plant viruses are scary diseases that may appear seemingly out of nowhere. Tomato ringspot virus is one of the more insidious and difficult to control. Learn more in this article.

End Of Tomato Growing Season: What To Do With Tomato Plants At End Of Season

You may have questions regarding the end of tomato growing season. Questions such as “do tomato plants die at the end of season?” and “when is the end of tomato season?” Read this article to find out.

Harvest Time For Tomatoes: When To Pick Tomatoes

If you are lucky enough to be able to grow your own tomatoes, the question is when are tomatoes ready to harvest? Red ones are the obvious answer, but this article has other things you should look for when picking tomatoes.

Tomatoes With Sclerotinia Stem Rot – How To Treat Tomato Timber Rot

Tomatoes are also hugely popular with fungus, including those responsible for tomato timber rot. What is timber rot of tomatoes? This article explains more and includes tips for the control of Sclerotinia.

Tomato Plant Ripening: Can You Slow Down The Ripening Of Tomatoes?

Not everyone lives in a cool and wet climate, and slowing down tomato ripening may be of paramount importance in hotter regions. Read this article to get tips for slowing the ripening process in tomatoes.

Mulching Tomato Plants: What’s The Best Mulch For Tomatoes?

Most people who grow robust tomato plants with healthy fruit know the importance that mulching plays. Mulching tomato plants is a great practice to get into for many reasons. Explore popular mulch options for tomatoes here.

Tomato Plant Allergies: How To Treat Tomato Rashes In The Garden

Many plants can result in allergic reactions, including common vegetable garden plants like tomato. Learn more about what causes skin rash from tomatoes and other tomato plant allergies in this article.

Growing Seedless Tomatoes – Types Of Seedless Tomato For The Garden

Tomatoes might be considered a perfect garden vegetable except for having to deal with the slippery seeds. If you've often wished for a tomato without any seeds, you're in luck. Click here for some seedless tomato varieties.

Growing Indoor Tomatoes – Tips On How To Grow Tomato Plants Over Winter

Tomatoes are a warm season crop that dies back when cold temperatures threaten. This usually means no home-grown tomatoes in winter, unless you have a greenhouse. You can, however, grow tomatoes indoors. Learn more here.

Controlling Yellow Shoulders On Tomatoes: Information About Yellow Green Tomato Shoulders

There is nothing like those sweet, juicy red tomatoes of summer. But what happens if your fruit persistently refuses to ripen all the way, resulting in yellow shoulder disorder? Find out in this article.

Tomato Curly Top Virus: Tips For Treating Curly Top Virus

Curly top on plants can devastate your garden crops. Prevention is the only effective means of treating curly top virus. What is curly top virus you ask? Read this article for more information about curly top virus symptoms.

What Are Currant Tomatoes: Different Types Of Currant Tomato

Currant tomatoes are unusual tomato varieties. What are currant tomatoes, you may ask? They are similar to a cherry tomato, but smaller and grow in grape-like clusters on indeterminate plants. Click here for more info.

Determinate vs Indeterminate Tomatoes: How To Distinguish A Determinate From An Indeterminate Tomato

Tomatoes are classified by their growth habit and fall into the categories of determinate and indeterminate tomato varieties. Once you know the characteristics, it is easy to tell which are which. This article will help.

Information On Common Tomato Plant Problems

Tomatoes are often considered to be among the easiest vegetables to grow in the home garden. But, while tomatoes are easy to grow, this does not mean that you will not have problems. Learn more in this article.

How To Dry Tomatoes And Tips For Storing Dried Tomatoes

Knowing how to sun dry tomatoes will help preserve your summer harvest and enjoy the fruit well into winter. The added flavor and ease of storing dried tomatoes are benefits of the preservative process. Learn more here.

Saving Tomato Seeds – How To Collect Tomato Seeds

Saving tomato seeds is an excellent way to preserve a variety that performed well in your garden. Harvesting tomato seeds is very easy too. Find out how to save tomato seeds in this article.

Tomato Sunscald: What To Do About Sunscald On Tomatoes

Sunscald commonly affects tomatoes, as well as peppers. It’s generally the result of exposure to sunlight during extreme heat, though may be caused by other factors as well. Learn what those are in this article.

Septoria Leaf Canker – Information On Controlling Septoria Leaf Spot On Tomatoes

Septoria leaf canker primarily affects tomato plants and members of its family. It is a leaf spot disease that is first evident on the oldest leaves of the plants. Read this article to get tips for treating septoria leaf spot.

Growing Beefsteak Tomato Plants In The Garden

Beefsteak tomatoes are aptly named large, thickly fleshed fruits. They are one of the favorite tomato varieties for the home garden. Growing beefsteak tomatoes requires a bit of know how, and this article will help.

What Causes Lots Of Flowers And No Tomatoes On Tomato Plants

Are you getting tomato plant blossoms but no tomatoes? When a tomato plant is not producing, it can leave you at a loss as to what to do. Several factors can lead to a lack of fruit setting, and this article will help.

Identifying And Preventing Late Blight On Tomatoes

Late blight tomato disease is the rarest of the blights that affect both tomatoes and potatoes, but it is also the most destructive. Learn more about late blight symptoms and treatment in this article.

Heirloom Tomato Plants: What Is An Heirloom Tomato

Heirloom tomatoes have received a lot of attention. But this can leave some gardeners asking “What is an heirloom tomato?” and “What are the best heirloom tomato varieties?” Find out in this article.

The Ultimate Guide To Growing Tomatoes: A List Of Tomato Growing Tips

Tomatoes are the most popular vegetable to grow in the home garden. Here we have compiled articles with information on what tomatoes need to grow. Click this Stadtwetter’s Ultimate Guide To Growing Tomato Plants!

Planting Tomato Seeds – How To Start Tomato Plants From Seed

Growing tomatoes from seed can open a whole new world of specialty, heirloom or unusual tomatoes. Starting tomato plants from seeds is easy and requires only a little bit of planning. This article can help with that.

Bacterial Speck Identification and Tips For Control For Bacterial Speck On Tomato Plants

Tomato bacterial speck is a less common but certainly possible tomato disease that can happen in the home garden. Read this article to learn more about the symptoms of bacterial speck on tomatoes.

Blight On Tomatoes – Tomato Blight Treatment And Prevention

What is tomato blight? Blight on tomatoes is caused by a fungal infection and like all fungi, they are spread by spores and require damp, warm weather conditions to flourish. Learn more in this article.

Tomato Pinworm Control – Getting Rid Of Worms In Tomatoes

Tomato pinworms feed only on solanaceous plants; that is, members of the nightshade family, such as eggplant and potato. Read the following article to get tips for controlling these tomato eating worms.

Tomato Plant Diseases And How To Identify A Disease In Tomato Plants

Diseases of tomato plants concern every gardener whether they grow one plant in a pot or enough to can and freeze. There are too many tomato plant diseases to list in one article, but here are some of the most common.

Wilting Tomato Plants – What Causes Tomato Plants To Wilt And Die

When a tomato plant wilts, it can leave gardeners scratching their heads, particularly if the wilting happened seemingly overnight. So why are tomato leaves wilting? Read this article to find out more.

Growing Tomatoes Upside Down – Tips For Planting Tomatoes Upside Down

Growing tomatoes upside down, whether in buckets or in special bags, is not new but it has become wildly popular over the past few years. Look at the ins and outs of how to grow upside down tomatoes in this article.

Miniature Tomatoes In The Garden

Miniature tomatoes are ideal for growing in a sunny window, apartment balcony or sunny porch step and a great way to introduce children to gardening. Learn more about growing micro tomatoes here.

Tips For Tomato Planting – How To Plant A Tomato

Tomatoes are probably the most popular summer vegetable for experts and novices alike. Once all danger of frost is past, it’s time to think about tomato planting. This article will help get you started.

Tomato Suckers – How To Identify Suckers On A Tomato Plant

Tomato plant suckers is a term that can leave a new gardener scratching his or her head. What are suckers on a tomato plant? And, just as importantly, how to identify suckers on a tomato plant? Read here to find out.

Fertilizing Tomatoes: Tips For Using Tomato Plant Fertilizer

Tomatoes are heavy feeders and do better when provided with plenty of nutrients to grow through the season. But what is a good tomato fertilizer? And when should you be fertilizing tomato plants? Read here to find out more.

Planting Time For Tomatoes: Best Time For Planting Tomatoes

Many people often wonder what is the best time for planting tomatoes. The planting time for tomatoes depends on where you live and your weather conditions, but there are a few guidelines that can help. Click here for more.

Tomato Curling Leaves – Causes And Effects Of Tomato Plant Leaf Curl

Are your tomato leaves curling? Tomato plant leaf curl can leave gardeners feeling frustrated and uncertain. But learning to recognize the sign and causes of curling tomato leaves can help. Click here to learn more.

Steps To Pollinate Tomatoes By Hand

While tomato flowers are typically wind pollinated, and occasionally through bees, sometimes they need a little help. In these situations, you may need to hand pollinate. Look at how to pollinate tomato plants here.

How To Grow Tomatoes In Pots and Containers

Growing tomatoes in pots is nothing new. This article for growing tomatoes in containers will help with tips for growing healthy container tomato plants so you can reap the benefits of their healthy fruits.

Thick Tomato Skins: What Causes Tough Tomato Skin

Tomato skin thickness is something most gardeners don’t think about...until their tomatoes have thick skins that detract from the succulent texture of the tomato. Are tough tomato skins unavoidable? Read here to find out.

Tomato Hornworm – Organic Control Of Hornworms

What are the big green caterpillars eating my tomato plants? These odd caterpillars are tomato hornworms and can do significant damage to your tomato plants and fruit if not controlled early and quickly. Learn more here.

Early Blight Alternaria – Treatment For Tomato Plant Leaf Spots And Yellow Leaves

If you have noticed tomato leaf spots and the lower leaves turning yellow, you may have tomato early blight alternaria. Learn more about what causes tomato early blight alternaria and how to treat leaf spot in this article.

Information On What Causes Tomatoes To Split And How To Prevent Tomato Cracking

Sometimes, right in the middle of thinking everything is alright with your tomato crop, you will find splitting tomatoes or tomato cracking. What causes tomatoes to split? Read this article to learn more.

Tomato Rots On Bottom – Identifying Tomato Plants With Blossom Rot

Have you noticed tomato fruit that looks rotten on the bottom? A common problem in the garden, especially when growing tomatoes, and a commonly asked about topic, blossom end rot is usually seen in half grown fruits or early on in the season. Learn more in this article.

Tomato Leaves Turning Yellow – What Causes Yellow Tomato Leaves

There are several possible reasons why leaves on tomato plants are turning yellow, and getting to the right answer requires careful consideration and sometimes a bit of trial and error. Learn what you can do about those yellow tomato leaves in this article.

Making Tomato Cages – How To Build A Tomato Cage

While tomatoes are easy to grow, these plants oftentimes require support. Tomato plants can be successfully supported as they grow by building tomato cages. Get tips for building tomato cages in this article.

Tips On Growing Cherry Tomatoes

Tomatoes are the most versatile and used vegetable out of the garden. One of the favorites in the garden is cherry tomatoes and, because of this, we will focus on planting cherry tomatoes in this article.

Staking Tomato Plants – Find The Best Way To Stake Tomatoes

Staking tomato plants is an excellent way to improve the quality of the tomatoes you will harvest and helps to keep the tomato plants healthier. Finding the best way to stake tomatoes depends on a few factors found here.

Light Requirements For Tomatoes – How Much Sun Do Tomato Plants Need

Growing tomatoes and sun go hand in hand. Without enough sun, a tomato plant can't produce fruit. You may be wondering how much sun do tomato plants need and does my garden get enough sun for tomatoes? Find out here.

Tips For Growing Roma Tomatoes

Growing and caring for roma tomato plants means that you will be growing the perfect tomato for making delicious sauces. Read this article to take a look at a few tips for growing roma tomatoes.

Watering Tomato Plants – How Much Water Do Tomato Plants Need

One of the most crucial parts of tomato care is knowing how much water do tomato plants need. Take a look at how to properly water tomatoes in the article that follows so you can help ensure the health of your tomatoes.

How To Turn Green Tomatoes Red & How To Store Tomatoes In The Fall

Wondering how to make tomatoes turn red can be frustrating for a gardener. Harvesting green tomatoes and storing them indoors will help conserve the plant's energy well into fall. Learn more in this article.

Tomato Varieties & Color: Learn About Different Tomato Colors

It may surprise you to learn that with different tomato varieties, color is not constant. As a matter of fact, tomatoes were not always red. Read here to learn about different types of tomato varieties for growing.

Do Tomatoes Ripen From The Inside Out?

“Do tomatoes ripen from the inside out?” One quick search of the internet showed that this was indeed something that many people believed, but the question still remained…is it true? Click this article to learn more.

Should You Prune Tomato Plants

Sometimes the tomato plants in our gardens get so large and so unwieldy that you can't help but wonder "Should I prune my tomato plants?" and "Exactly how do I prune tomato plants?" Find the answers in this article.

What Makes Tomatoes Turn Red

It can be a frustrating thing to have a tomato plant full of green tomatoes with no sign that they will ever turn red. So the question becomes "Why do tomatoes turn red?" Find out in this article.