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The yucca provides a classic desert silhouette. It is a distinctive thick-leaved succulent plant that grows as a rosette with sword-like leaves. The leaves have serrated edges and come to a defined point that is sharp and stab worthy. Yucca leaves are covered in a waxy cuticle that helps the plant preserve moisture in its arid native region. Other names for this sharp-tipped plant are Spanish bayonet, Adam?s needle and Spanish dagger, all names that illustrate the incredible spiky nature of this gorgeous desert plant.

The plant prefers full sun locations with well-draining gritty soil. Yuccas can get up to 10 feet in height but they are slow growing and take decades to reach their full size. These plants are drought tolerant and need little special care once established. Occasionally, the lower leaves of the rosette will die back and require pruning off. Use thick gloves to accomplish this task and avoid the risk of a painful skewering. Yucca plants are not appropriate in landscapes with nosey dogs and curious children. Their rigid, jagged leaves pose a hazard to young people and pets.

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