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Myrobalan Plum Pruning Info: How To Prune Myrobalan Cherry Plums

Should I cut back Myrobalan plum? While frequent or excessively trimming a cherry plum is not recommended, it may be necessary at times. Click on the article the follows to learn when and how to prune Myrobalan cherry plums.

Lavender Hidcote Info – Tips For Growing Lavender Hidcote Plants

Lavender Hidcote is a blue English lavender which thrives in USDA zones 5 to 9. This compact form is easy to grow and very versatile. Some tips on how to grow Hidcote lavender can help you transform your herb garden into an aromatic dream. Learn more here.

Foxglove Seed Harvesting – How To Save Foxglove Seeds For Next Season

Foxglove self-sows easily in the garden, but you can also save seeds from mature plants. Collecting foxglove seeds is a great way to propagate new plants for planting in other areas or for sharing with gardening family and friends. Learn more in this article.

Thornless Cockspur Hawthorns – Growing A Thornless Cockspur Hawthorn Tree

Thornless cockspur hawthorns are a user-friendly variety that allow gardeners to invite these North American natives into the garden without those thorny branches. For information about thornless hawthorn trees, the following article will help.

Common Pests Of Quince Trees – Tips On Treating Quince Tree Pests

Quince can make a great addition to any orchard or works as a standalone landscape plant, too. But there’s more to caring for a quince than just planting it and wishing it luck. Read about common quince pests and how to eliminate them in this informative article!

Alternaria Leaf Spot In Cole Crops – Managing Leaf Spot On Cole Vegetables

Alternaria leaf spot in cole crops is a fungal disease that wreaks havoc in cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables. However, symptoms and treatment of this hard-to-control disease are similar. Learn more here.

Fusarium Wilt Of Cucurbits – Dealing With Fusarium Wilt In Cucurbit Crops

Fusarium is a fungal disease that afflicts cucurbits. Several diseases are the result of this fungus, each crop specific. The following article contains information on recognizing fusarium symptoms in cucurbits and managing fusarium wilt in cucurbit crops.

New York Aster Information – Tips For Growing Michaelmas Daisies

Growing Michaelmas daisies in the garden is a real joy. These perennials provide fall color after the blooms of summer are already gone. Also known as New York aster, these pretty flowers are a great addition to any perennial bed. Learn more about them here.

Robin Red Holly Info: Tips For Growing Robin Red Hollies

Holly plants of all types are often the first go-to plant for winter gardens. Because of this, plant breeders are continually creating newer varieties. One such new variety of holly is the Robin Red holly. Click this article for more Robin Red holly info.

Tropical Sod Webworms In Lawns: Controlling Tropical Sod Webworm Invasions

Tropical sod webworms in lawns do extensive damage in warm, tropical or sub-tropical climates. They usually don’t destroy turf unless infestations are severe, but even minor infestations can cause problems for lawns. Learn more in this article.