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Tree Leaves Didn’t Drop In Winter: Reasons Why Leaves Did Not Fall Off A Tree

Early cold snaps or extra-long warm spells can throw off a tree’s rhythm and prevent leaf drop. Why didn’t my tree lose its leaves this year? That’s a good question. Click this article for an explanation of why your tree hasn’t lost its leaves on schedule.

Rust In Blackberries: Treating Blackberries With Rust Disease

Rust in blackberries is first observed in the late spring and is favored by wet weather. While this fungal disease is not usually severe, it can affect the vigor of the plant and while it doesn’t infect the fruit, it can make them unsightly. Learn more in this article.

Butterfly Sage Care: How To Grow Butterfly Sage In Gardens

Butterfly sage, also commonly called bloodberry, is a small heat loving evergreen shrub that produces beautiful tiny flowers that are excellent for attracting butterflies and other pollinators. But how do you grow butterfly sage plants in the garden? Find out here.

Septoria Leaf Spot Control: Treating Blueberries With Septoria Leaf Spot

Although septoria leaf spot of blueberries isn’t always fatal, it can weaken plants so severely that they are unable to bear fruit. You probably won’t be able to completely eradicate the disease, but control is possible if you catch it early enough. Learn more here.

Can You Grow Cloves In Containers – How To Grow A Clove Tree In A Pot

It’s tempting to want a clove tree of your very own, but their extreme sensitivity to cold makes them impossible for most gardeners to grow outdoors. Can you grow cloves in containers? Learn more about caring for container grown clove trees in this article.

Common Beargrass Care – Learn How To Grow Beargrass In The Garden

Beargrass in gardens has a striking perennial presence with its large fluffy flower heads and arching foliage. It is also quite easy to grow with high frost tolerance and low nutrient needs. Learn how to grow beargrass and if it is suitable for your garden in this article.

Phytophthora Blight Control – Treating Avocado Seedlings With Blight

Growing an avocado tree is a great way to have a steady supply of this delicious, nutritious, and fatty fruit. There are some potential issues, though, that could destroy your baby avocado, including avocado seedling blight. Learn more in this article.

Sweet Corn With Downy Mildew – Tips On Treating Sweet Corn Crazy Top

All gardeners will inevitably have to deal with fungal diseases at one point or another. Fungal diseases like downy mildew of sweet corn, also known as crazy top because of its unique symptoms, is one such issue. Click here to read more about sweet corn crazy top.

Scarlet Calamint Care: Tips For Growing Red Mint Shrubs

Red mint shrub plant, aka scarlet calamint, is in the mint family and bears deep red flowers. If you would like more scarlet calamint information, including tips on how to grow this plant, the following article will help with that.

Blue Porterweed Groundcover – Using Blue Porterweed For Ground Coverage In Gardens

Blue porterweed is a low growing south Florida native that produces small blue flowers nearly year round and is an excellent choice for attracting pollinators. It’s also great as a groundcover. Learn more about using blue porterweed for ground coverage here.