Information About Roses

A rose is just a rose, or is it? There are many rose varieties, and caring for roses depends on the type you have and climate you live in. So before you go planting a rose bush, keep in mind what variety you are growing. How to grow roses successfully will mean providing good rose care. We can help with that. In the following pages, you will find information not only on how to grow roses, but there are also many tips on caring for roses no matter what the variety—which will help avoid problems with roses (like pests and disease) later.

Starting A Rose Garden – Caring For Rose Bushes

Roses are some of the most popular and beautiful flowering shrubs grown, but starting a rose garden may seem daunting to new gardeners. Read this article for growing information on roses.

What Is Cherokee Rose – Should You Grow Cherokee Rose Plants

The white flowers of the Cherokee rose were said to represent the tears of the Cherokee people who were driven out of their homelands. Still a common sight in the South, Cherokee rose is an easy to grow plant. Click this article for more Cherokee rose info.

Multiflora Rose Control: Tips On Managing Multiflora Roses In The Landscape

Some roses are unable to survive in many harsh conditions, thus comes the need to graft them onto a root system of another hardy rosebush. Multiflora rose fits that need, BUT comes with a dark side – multiflora roses can become invasive. Learn more here.

Dog Rose Information: Learn About Dog Rose Plants

Like many wild roses, the dog rose has a rich history. And, like most wild rosebushes, it has an aggressive growth habit that is considered invasive in some areas, overcoming desired plants in the garden. Learn more about this rose variety in the following article.

Changing Rose Color – Why Do Roses Change Color In The Garden

“Why are my roses changing color?” I have been asked this question many times over the years and have seen the rose blooms change color in some of my own rosebushes as well. For information on what makes roses change color, click this article.

Wax Dipped Roses: Tips On Preserving Rose Flowers With Wax

Special moments in life captured with the gift of roses are items that we wish to hold onto for as long as possible. One way to preserve them is with wax dipped roses. Take a look at how to preserve roses with wax in this article.

Roses Have Holes In Leaves: Why Do My Roses Have Holes In The Leaves

Do your rose leaves have holes in them? This happens more often than you might think. While finding roses with holes can be frustrating, there are a number of reasons this can occur and most quite fixable. This article will help.

Companions For Drift Roses – Learn What To Plant With Drift Roses

A growing number of rose lovers are adding drift roses (by Star Roses) to their beds as companion plantings with their larger rose bushes and perennials. For more information on companion plants for drift roses, click here.

My Fresh Cut Roses Keep Wilting: How To Keep Cut Roses Fresh

Roses look great in the garden but are good in bouquets too. If your fresh cut roses keep wilting, then this article can help. Click here to find tips for keeping roses fresh after being cut so you can enjoy these lovely flowers even longer.

Why Rose Petals Have Black Edges: Troubleshooting Black Tips On Roses

One of the more frustrating things that can happen in rose beds is to have a nice big bud or buds open to a bloom with black or crispy edged petals. This article can help explain why there are black edges on rose petals and what can be done about it.

Sub-Zero Rose Information – Learn About Roses For Cold Climates

If you’ve never heard of them before, you might wonder, “What are sub-zero roses.” These are specifically bred roses for cold climates. Learn more about sub-zero roses and which types work well in a cold climate rose bed in this article.

Removing Rose Suckers – Tips On How To Get Rid Of Rose Suckers

In the rose bed, suckers are ornery growths that spring out of the hardy rootstock of grafted rose bushes, just below the grafted knuckle union. Learn more about sucker growth on roses in this article and find tips on getting rid of them.

Hardy Roses To Grow: Types Of Roses That Are Hard To Kill

Are you looking for rose bushes that need minimal care for your garden? There are actually many hard to kill roses that can be easily grown with little to no effort. Learn about such rose bushes in this article.

Training Climbing Roses – How To Get A Climbing Rose To Climb

Trying to get roses to grow vertical requires a great deal of attention, as they love to stretch out horizontally. If your climbing roses won’t climb, they may need a little coa. This article will help with training climbing roses.

What Is Rose Balling: Reasons For Rose Buds Dying Before Opening

Are your rose buds dying before opening? If your rose buds won’t open into beautiful flowers, then they are likely suffering from a condition known as rose flower balling. Click here to learn more about what causes this and how to fix the problem.

Rose Varieties: What Are Some Different Types Of Roses

A rose is a rose is a rose and then some. There are different rose types and not all are created equal. Click on this article to learn more about the kinds of roses you might come across when looking for one to plant in the garden.

What Are Ground Cover Roses: Tips On Caring For Ground Cover Roses

Ground cover rose bushes are fairly new and are actually in the official classification of shrub roses. The Ground Cover, or Carpet Roses, label was created by those marketing them for sale but are quite fitting labels for them. Learn more in this article.

What Is Stenting: Information On Stenting Rose Bushes

A recent email concerned a process called “stenting.” I had not heard of the term before and decided it was something I needed to learn more about. For more information on rose stunting, click this article and see what I learned.

Rose Cane Gall Facts: Learn About Cynipid Wasps And Roses

If you've noticed peculiar growths any peculiar growths on rose bush canes with little spikes coming out like new rose thorns forming, then you just might have rose cane galls. Click this article for more information on Cynipid wasps and roses.

Managing Climbing Roses: Learn About Training Climbing Rose Plants

Pictures of roses climbing up an ornate trellis or old structure stirs up romantic and nostalgic juices. Creating this effect does not just happen. In most cases, it takes some real effort and an ever vigilant rose-loving gardener. Click here to learn more.

Rose Hip Information – Learn When And How To Harvest Rose Hips

What are rose hips and what can rose hips be used for? Check out this article for rose hip information and learn how to harvest rose hips so you can take advantage of all they have to offer. Click here for more information.

What To Grow Under Roses: Tips For Growing Plants Under Rose Bushes

Whether you’re looking for ways to improve the look of your rose garden or trying to help encourage beneficials to the area, it’s sometimes necessary to add plants that grow well under roses. So what to grow under roses, you ask. Click here to learn more.

What Are Home Run Roses: Tips On Stadtwetter With Home Run Roses

Everyone has heard of the Knock Out line of roses, as they are a dandy rosebush. But there is another line of rosebushes that should be at least equal in popularity – Home Run roses, which come from the original Knock Out. Read here to learn more.

What Is Rose Picker’s Disease: Tips On Preventing A Rose Thorn Infection

The thorn on a rose stem provides an excellent device for transmitting infectious material into your skin, as is seen with rose picker’s disease, a fungus from rose thorns. Read this article to learn more about this rose thorn infection.

What Is An Osiria Rose: Tips For Stadtwetter With Osiria Roses

On the internet there are gorgeous photos of rose blooms, some colored like the rainbow! Be careful when adding these to your gardens though. What you get may not be anything like the photos, such as the Osiria hybrid tea rose. Click here to learn more.

What Are Rose Weevils: Tips For Controlling Fuller Rose Beetle Pests

Controlling rose fuller beetle in the garden is a good idea if you expect to grow healthy roses, along with other plants. Learn more about this garden pest and how to prevent or treat rose beetle damage in this article.

Controlling Rose Pests: Tips For Managing Rose Curculio Weevils

If your rose blooms aren’t performing as well as they ought to then it is likely that you have been visited by rose curculio weevils. If left uncontrolled, they will totally take out your rose bush blooms! Learn how to control them in this article.

Iron Deficiency Of Roses: Iron Deficiency Symptoms In Rose Bushes

Rose bushes need some iron in their diet to help them remain in good health. This is just one of the keys to good nutrient balance to be stronger and more resistant to disease attacks. Take a look at iron deficiency of roses in this article.

Rooting Rose Cuttings: Can You Grow Rose Cuttings In A Potato

Propagating or rooting rose cuttings to make more of the rosebushes we love using potatoes took to the internet a while back. I personally have never tried using potatoes but may well do so at some point. Learn more about this technique here.

Protecting Roses In Winter: How To Repair Winter Damage To Roses

The winter season can be very hard on rose bushes in a variety of ways. That being said, there are things we can do to lessen, and even eliminate, the damage. This article provides information on treating winter injury in roses.

What Is A Wingthorn Rose Plant: Care Of Wingthorn Rose Bushes

When I hear of Wingthorn roses, a picture of a classic castle in England comes to mind. However, the Wingthorn rose is an unusual species from China. Read the article that follows to learn more about this rose.

Rose Deformity Info: What Causes Deformed Rose Growth

If you’ve ever come across unusual rose deformities in the garden, then you are probably curious about what causes deformed rose growth. Read this article to find out common reasons for a rose deformity.

Rose Chafer Facts: Treating Rose Chafers On Garden Roses

The rose chafer and the Japanese beetle are both true villains of the rose bed. Both appear to have the same habits and life cycles and attack plants and blooms without mercy. Read here for more rose chafer facts and control info.

Rose Stem Girdlers – Tips For Controlling Rose Cane Borers

While doing what they need to do to survive, boring into our rose canes, this action causes harm, and sometimes death, to our rose bushes. Read here to learn more about these rose stem girdlers.

Nootka Rose Info: History And Uses Of Nootka Wild Roses

One of the things I love about growing roses and gardening in general is that there is always something new to learn as with Nootka roses. Read here for more information about Nootka rose plants.

Growing Wild Roses: How To Grow Wild Rose Plants

Wild roses tend to stir one’s thoughts towards Medieval times, as many of them date back well into our history. Read here to learn more about the types of wild roses and how to grow them in the garden.

Brown Edges On Roses: How To Treat Brown Edges On Rose Leaves

“My rose leaves are turning brown on edges. Why?” This is a commonly asked question. Brown edges on roses can be caused by many things. Take a look at these in this article so you can find treat them.

What Is Rose Rosette Disease: Control Of Rose Rosette And Witches Broom In Roses

Rose Rosette disease, also known as witches broom in roses, is a heartbreaker for the rose gardener. So what does Rose Rosette disease look like? Read here for info on how to treat witches broom in roses.

Red Leaves On Roses: What To Do For Red Leaves On A Rose Bush

Are your rose leaves turning red? Red leaves on a rose bush can be normal to the growth pattern of the bush; however, this can also be a warning sign of big problems. Learn more in this article.

Rose Crown Gall: Learn About Crown Gall Damage In Roses

Crown gall disease is truly a tough customer to deal with in the rose beds and a heart breaker if it attacks a favorite rose bush. Learn more about crown gall rot control and crown gall damage in roses here.

Leaves Falling Off A Rose Bush – Why A Rose Dropping Its Leaves

Leaves falling off of rose bushes can be caused by different things, some natural and some due to fungal attacks. In this article you can look at a few reasons why rose leaves might fall off.

Learn More About Meilland Roses

Meilland rose bushes date back to the mid 1800’s. Over the years there have been some truly beautiful roses produced, but none quite so popular and well known as the rose one named Peace. Learn more here.

Prepare New Rose Beds – Learn More About Starting Your Own Rose Garden

Have you been thinking about having a new rose bed? Fall is truly the perfect time of year to prepare the soil for a new rose bed. This article has tips to help get you started.

Thornless Roses: Learn About Smooth Touch Roses

Roses are beautiful, but almost every rose owner has gotten their skin pricked by a rose’s notorious thorns. However, rose breeders created the thornless Smooth Touch rose. Read here for more info.

Learn About Weeks Roses

Weeks Roses are loved and admired the world over and are considered to be some of the most beautiful roses available. So what are Weeks Roses exactly? Read this article to learn more.

Learn More About Jackson & Perkins Roses

Jackson & Perkins was founded in 1872. While you may be familiar with them, few know the history behind these roses. However, to learn more about Jackson & Perkins roses, simply click here.

Learn More About Old English Roses

There are old garden roses, English roses and likely old English roses. To shed some light on these roses and to help understand more about them, read this article.

Thrips On Roses: How To Kill Thrips In Your Rose Garden

In this article, we will take a look at thrips (flower thrips and even some known as the chili thrips) in rose beds. Learn what they are and get tips for preventing thrip damage on rose flowers.

What Is Disbudding A Rose Bush?

If you have ever been around some very serious rose lovers, it does not take long to hear the term disbudding. Find out what this term means and why it's performed in this article.

Learn More About Rose Spot Anthracnose

Spot Anthracnose is a disease caused by a fungus that infects some rose bushes. To learn more about this disease and what can be done about, refer to this article.

Identifying Rose Slugs And Effective Rose Slug Treatment

In this article we will take a look at rose slugs. Rose slugs have two main members when it comes to this family of slugs, so the particular variety and damage done will typically tell which one you have.

Tips For Rose Midge Control

In this article, we will take a look at rose midges. This pest loves to attack the new rose buds or new growth where the buds would normally form. Find out how to get rid of rose midges here.

Learn More About Roses And Fullness Of Bloom

In this article, we will take a look at the fullness of blooms when it comes to rose bushes. One attribute of roses that is often not thought about is how big or full a rose blossom will be. Click here for more.

Learn About Brown Canker on Roses

In this article, we will take a look at brown canker (Cryptosporella umbrina) and its attack upon our rose bushes. Learn what to look for and how to treat the problem should brown canker arise.

No Blooms On Roses – Why A Rose Does Not Bloom

When a rose is not blooming, this can be frustrating for a gardener. There are actually several reasons why a rose bush may not bloom. Read this article to learn more about why a rose may not bloom.

What Are Hybrid Tea Roses And Grandiflora Roses?

In this article, we will take a look at two classifications of roses: the Hybrid Tea rose and the Grandiflora rose. These are among the two most popular varieties of rose bushes grown.

Learn About Floribunda And Polyantha Roses

In this article, we will take a look at two classifications of roses, the Floribunda rose and the Polyantha rose. You will learn how to distinguish between them and about their care. Click here to learn more.

What Are Differences Between Rambler Roses And Climbing Roses?

In this article, we will take a look at two classifications of roses: the rambler roses and the climbing roses. Many think that these two types of roses are the same, but this is not true. Click here to learn more.

Heirloom Old Garden Rose Bushes: What Are Old Garden Roses?

In this article we will take a look at Old Garden Roses, which stir the heart of many a long time Rosarian. For a list of these heirloom plants and to learn more about them, click here.

Learn More About Common Rose Bush Diseases

There are some frustrating diseases that will attempt to attack our rose bushes when the circumstances are right for them to get going. It is important to recognize them early. This article will help with that.

Learn More About Long Stem Roses

When most of the general public thinks of roses, the Hybrid Tea Florists roses, also known as long stemmed roses, are what first come to mind. Read this article to learn more about the long stemmed rose bush.

Information On The Spacing Of Roses In The Garden

Overcrowding of rose bushes can lead to major problems with various diseases, fungal and others. Keeping our rose bushes spaced well can alleviate this problem. Read here for info on spacing roses.

Information On Iceberg Roses: What Is An Iceberg Rose?

Iceberg roses have become a very popular rose among rose lovers due to their winter hardiness and ease of care. Read here to learn about Iceberg roses and enjoy their eye catching beauty in the garden.

Rose Companion Planting: Companion Plants For Rose Bushes

Companion plantings for rose bushes can add a nice touch to the rose bed. Companion planting can serve multiple purposes in the rose bed. Learn about companion for roses in this article.

Rose Soil Preparation: Tips For Building Rose Garden Soil

When one brings up the topic of soil for roses, there are some definite concerns with the makeup of the soil that make them their best for growing rose bushes. Find out more in this article.

How To Make Rose Petal Tea And Rose Petal Ice Cubes

A soothing cup of rose petal tea sounds pretty good to break up a stress filled day to me. To help you enjoy this simple pleasure from everyday life, here is a recipe for making rose petal tea.

A Rose Bush In Cold Weather – Care Of Roses In Winter

To make sure they go through the winter well and come back strong the following spring, there are a few things to do and keep in mind when preparing roses for winter. This article will help with that.

What Is A Kordes Rose: Information About Kordes Roses

Kordes roses have a reputation for beauty and hardiness. Take a look at where Kordes roses come from and what, exactly, is a Kordes rose using the information on this article.

Heirloom Rose Bushes – Locating Old Garden Roses For Your Garden

If you grew up with a grandmother or mother that loved and grew roses, then you might just remember the name of her favorite rose bush. Some of those old garden rose bushes can be found in this article.

Mounding Roses For Winter Protection

Mounding of rose bushes for winter is a something all rose loving gardeners in cold climates need to be familiar with. To learn how to go bout mounding roses, read the info in this article.

Getting Rid Of Spider Mites On Roses

Spider mites can be tough customer pests to deal with in the rose bed or garden. This article will help with tips on how to control spider mites on roses to make this ordeal a bit easier.

What Is A Shrub Rose Bush: Learn About Different Shrub Roses

One part of the grand list of flowering shrubs is the shrub rose bush, which varies in height and width of spread much the same as other rose bushes. Learn more about them in this article.

Cause Roses: Plant A Rosebush, Support A Cause

Have you ever heard of the Roses for a Cause program? If you buy one of the rosebushes listed in the program, a percentage of the money goes to help a specified cause. Click here to fine out more.

Budworm On Roses – Tips For Budworm Control

Budworms are nasty pests in the rose garden. Many rose gardeners who find budworms on their roses wonder about how to get rid of budworms. Learn more about the budworm caterpillar in this article.

Mulch For Roses – Type Of Mulch To Use With Roses

Mulch for rose gardens truly is a marvelous thing! Mulch helps to hold in the priceless moisture for rose bushes and other plants, saving on the amount of watering needed. Learn more in this article.

Heat Protection For Roses: Keeping Rose Bushes Healthy In Hot Weather

While most all rose bushes love the sun, the intense afternoon heat can be a major stressor for them. Keeping roses healthy during hot weather is important to having beautiful rose. Read more here.

Japanese Beetles Rose Damage – How To Get Rid Of Japanese Beetles On Roses

There is nothing more frustrating to the rose loving gardener than the Japanese beetle. Read this article to look at some ways in which you can learn how to control Japanese beetles on roses.

Training Roses On A Fence & The Best Roses For Fences

Do you have some fence lines on your property that need some beautification and you are not quite sure what to do with them? Well how about using some roses on those fences. Learn more here.

The History And Culture Of The Green Rose

Many people know this wonderful rose as the Green Rose; others know her as Rosa chinensis viridiflora. This amazing rose is unique and interesting. Learn more about the green rose in this article.

Information About Sunblaze Miniature Rose Bushes

Small and fairy-like, Sunblaze roses may look delicate, but are, in fact, a hardy little rose. What exactly is a Sunblaze rose bush and why should you have some in your garden? Read here to find out.

Learn About Own Root Roses And Grafted Roses

When terms like “own root roses” and “grafted roses” are used, this can leave a new rose gardener confused. What does it mean? Read here and learn the differences between own root roses and grafted roses.

Learn More About Parkland Series Roses

Many roses have been developed to be hardy in difficult climates, and Parkland roses are the results of one of these efforts. But what does it mean when a rose is a Parkland Series rose bush? Find out here.

What Is A Disease Resistant Rose Bush?

Disease resistant roses have been getting a lot of attention lately. What is a disease resistant rose and how can a disease resistant rose help you in your garden? Find out in this article.

Learn About Self-Cleaning Rose Bushes

Seems like there are Buzz Words connected to many things today, and in the rose world the words "self-cleaning roses" tend to grab people’s attention. What are self-cleaning roses? Find out here.

Rose Bush Seeds – How To Grow Roses From Seeds

One way to grow roses is from the seeds they produce. Propagating roses from seed take a little time, but is easy to do. Take a look at what it takes to start growing roses from seed in this article.

Collecting Rose Seeds – How To Get Rose Seeds From A Rose Bush

When we know how to get seeds from a rose, we can then grow it and enjoy the delightful surprise that Mother Nature has created for us. Read this article to learn how to get seeds from roses.

Roses From Cuttings: How To Start A Rose Bush From Cuttings

One way to propagate roses is from rose cuttings taken from the rose bush one desires to have more of. Read this article to learn more about how to root roses.

Information On Earth Kind Roses

Using Earth Kind roses in one's garden will allow the owner to enjoy hardy flowering bushes. These rose bushes help in the protecting and saving of our natural resources and environment too. Learn more here.

Learn About Memorial Roses To Plant In Your Garden

What better way to memorialize a loved one or group of people than to plant a special rose bush in memorial to them in your own rose bed or garden. In this article, you will find a list of memorial roses to plant.

Container Roses: Growing Roses In Pots

Growing roses in containers allows you to have roses in your yard, even if you have limited space or less than ideal conditions for roses. Learn more about roses in pots by reading this article.

When To Apply Rose Fertilizer

Roses need fertilizer, but fertilizing roses does not need to be complicated. There is a simple timetable for feeding roses. Read here to learn more about when to fertilize roses.

Climbing Rose Pruning: Tips For Cutting Back A Climbing Rose Bush

Pruning climbing roses is a little different from pruning other roses. There are a few things you need to consider when cutting back a climbing rose bush. Look at how to prune climbing roses here.

How To Transplant A Rose Bush

Transplanting roses really is not much different than planting one from your local garden center. To make the task easier for you, this article contains instructions for how to transplant roses.

Aphids On Roses: Controlling Aphids On Roses

Aphids like to visit our plants and rose bushes every year and can form a major attack on them fairly quickly. Controlling aphids on roses is well worth the effort to keep beautiful roses. Learn more here.

How Much To Water Roses During Droughts

In times of drought and as a water conserving measure on my part, I will often conduct some moisture meter tests when it is time to water them again. This article will help with rose care during dry weather.

Botrytis Control On Roses

Botrytis blight fungus can reduce a blooming rose bush to a mass of dry, brown, dead flowers. But botrytis blight in roses can be treated. To learn how to treat this rose problem, read the following article.

Learn More About Tree Roses

Tree roses (aka: Rose Standards) are a creation of grafting by using a long rose cane with no foliage. You can learn more about tree roses in the article that follows.

Roses And Downy Mildew: Identifying And Treating Downy Mildew On Rose Bushes

Downy mildew on roses is a problem for many rose gardeners. Roses affected by rose downy mildew will lose beauty and stamina. Learn more about this disease and how to treat it in this article.

How A Miniature Rose Is Different From A Miniflora Rose

Miniature roses and miniflora roses are often confused with one another. While they may look similar, there is in fact a difference. This article will explain the difference between these rose varieties.

How To Water A Rose Plant – Tips For Watering Roses

A very important aspect to growing happy and healthy disease resistant roses is watering roses well. In this article, we will take a quick look at watering roses, also known as hydrating rose bushes.

Pruning Rose Bushes: Cutting Back Roses To Keep Them Beautiful

Pruning roses is a necessary part of keeping rose bushes healthy. But many people have questions about cutting back roses and how to trim roses back the right way. This article will help with that.

Identifying And Treating Rose Mosaic Disease

Rose mosaic virus can wreak havoc on the leaves of a rose bush. This mysterious disease typically attacks grafted roses, but in rare cases can affect ungrafted roses. Read here to learn more.

Identify And Fix Rose Canker Fungus

Rose canker is the most common of the several kinds fungi that can affect the canes of roses. When left unmanaged, they can eventually kill your rose plant. Read here to find symptoms and cures.

Rose Rust Disease – Treating Rust On Roses

There are actually nine species of the rose rust fungus. Roses and rust are a frustrating combination for rose gardeners. Learn more about how to treat rose rust in this article.

Feeding Roses – Tips For Selecting Fertilizer For Fertilizing Roses

Feeding roses is important because we are giving them all the nutrients they need. Picking the right rose fertilizer is important too, and there are a few things to keep in mind when fertilizing roses. Click here for more.

What Is A Buck Rose And Who Is Dr. Griffith Buck

Buck roses are beautiful and prized flowers. Lovely to look at and easy to care for, Buck shrub roses are an excellent rose for the beginner rose gardener. Read here to learn more about Buck roses.

Growing Miniature Roses In Pots – Tips For Care Of Miniature Roses Planted In Containers

Growing beautiful miniature roses in containers is not a wild idea, especially if you're limited on garden space. So if this sounds like you, read this article to get tips for growing miniature roses in pots.

Roses With Powdery Mildew: How Do You Get Rid Of Powdery Mildew On Roses

The powdery mildew that attacks roses can be frustrating to the rose gardener to have to deal with. Read this article to learn more about what causes powdery mildew and how you get rid of it.

Black Spot On Rose Bushes – How To Get Rid Of Black Spot Roses

A common rose disease known as Black Spot is a fungal disease forms black spots all over the foliage. Read this article and look at how to get rid of black spot on roses with proper roses black spot treatments.

Rose Deadheading – How To Deadhead A Rose Plant

Do you find the idea of wanting to deadhead roses intimidating? “Deadheading” roses or the removal of the old blooms from our roses. Learn more about that in this article.

Black & Blue Roses – The Myth Of The Blue Rose Bush And The Black Rose Bush

This article is about the black and blue bloom colors of roses. So, do black roses exist? How about blue roses? Read the following article to find out more about these unusual rose colors.

Bare Root Roses Care And How To Plant Bare Root Rose Bushes

Are you intimidated by bare root roses? There is no need to be. Caring for and planting bare root roses is as easy as a few simple steps. Read here to learn how to care for bare root roses.

How To Choose The Best Location To Grow Roses In Your Yard

There are some things a beginning rose gardener can do that will make it very easy to be successful. One of those things is choosing where to plant your rose bush. This article will help with that.

Tips For How To Buy Rose Plants

Deciding to plant roses in your garden can be exciting and at the same time intimidating. Buying rose plants does not need to be intimidating if you know what to look for. This article can help with that.

Planting Rose Bushes – Step By Step Instructions To Plant A Rose Bush

Planting roses is a fun and enjoyable way to add beauty to your garden. While planting roses may seem intimidating for the beginning gardener, in fact, the process is very easy. Click here to learn more.

Enjoy Roses Planted In Containers

Many urban gardeners would like to grow a rose garden, but find that they simply do not have the space. Growing roses in containers is an excellent alternative. Fine more info in this article.

How To Transplant Roses: Tips For Transplanting A Rose Bush

With proper care, including tips on when and how to transplant a rose bush, you can continue to enjoy their beauty for years to come without any ill effects. Read here to learn more about rose transplanting.

Reasons For Rose Leaves Turning Yellow

Yellow leaves on a rose bush can be a frustrating sight. When rose leaves turn yellow, it can ruin the overall effect of the rose bush. Here is this article you will find a few reasons why rose leaves turn yellow.

How To Care For Parade Roses Outdoors

In the world of gardening, parade roses are not frequently used. Growing parade roses is easy to do and will add something fun to your garden. Read this article to learn more about their care outdoors.

Planting Rose Bushes In The Fall

Whether you should be planting rose bushes in the fall depends on several factors. Take a look at these factors in this article so you can decide if fall planting of roses is ideal for you.

Winter Protection For Rose Bushes: Preparing Roses For Winter

The best way to avoid having your roses die in the winter is prevention. With proper planting and preparation, overwintering rose bushes can be accomplished with ease. Read here to learn more.